About us

- From 1 to 2000 -

All of my Habaneros are grown organically in Japan on healthy soil.
Every year we grow about 2000 habanero plants which is the perfect amount for me to make all my Mellow Habanero products creatively.
It all began when I got just one fruit of habanero from my friend in 2002.
First, I was tremendously fascinated by it’s fragrance like flowers and fruity sweetness and then my head started to float because of its very hot and spicy taste.
I saved the seeds carefully from the one fruit which increased the number of plants every year. At that time, I just wanted to see golden habaneros all over the fields. (As of 2021, my habanero is 19th generation seed of self-seeding)

- Making the Craft Hot Sauce -

In the beginning I studied and made various blends of habanero hot sauce for myself and friends. It pleased everyone...
And then I built a small factory and got permission, selected a bottle and designed the label - these are also my favorite parts of work.
I still do everything by myself, from designing the labels, making the sauce, packaging and shipping.


Habanero cultivation started in Ishigaki island Okinawa.
Started the production of “Mellow Habanero” in Tamba Hyogo.
Released “Mild” & “Extra” at a craft market in Kyoto.
Released “Heaven”. Incorporated Ta-nm Farm LLC.
Released “Smoky”. Started international sales.
Released “Rich Sesame Hot Paste”.
Released “Hop in Heaven”.
Winner of the 1st prize of World Hot Sauce Awards, USA.
Habanero cultivation is outsourced to an organic farmer in Nagano Prefecture. Company moved to Osaka.
Released “YUZU Heaven” with a collaboration with HEATONIST in New York.

-About Habanero Man -

My name is Taku Kondo. Born and raised in Tokyo.
I was a clever child :) studying for the entrance exam of the highest-level junior high school. But because my parents divorced, I no longer took the entrance exam and after that I was free and enjoyed playing every day! As a result, I was able to develop my individuality and independence very! and (this is an important part) I loved all kinds of spicy foods and TABASCO from the childhood.

Then I became an adult.
I started a small mobile food truck curry shop in Shibuya Tokyo.
Made a daily special curry with original recipes and handed out flyers in front of the Shibuya station to people commuting. Many customers began to line up for my curry and received interviews from magazines and TV programs.

After 3 years of running the food truck, I transferred the business to an acquaintance.
In 2001, seeking a natural living and wonderful nature, I decided to move to Ishigaki island in Okinawa, one of the most southern islands in Japan. Let's move!

I built a house in the tropical jungle. Cooked meals with firewood, drank the water of the creek. I enjoyed a primitive life that was one of my dreams since childhood. But the endless summer vacation gradually reduced its fun.
At that time, I got one fruit of habanero from my friend.
Spring of 2002, that one fruit of habanero has changed my whole life. It was like a burning meteorite red hot...
I left the jungle where I lived for 3 years and moved to the larger field in Tamba, Hyogo to start Habanero farms.
For 14 years in Tamba, farm and production were expanding.

But in 2018, two big typhoons hit my habanero farms. It flooded the whole field. Small amount of habanero plants were barely surviving and had to close down the all operation.

After that disastrous event, I decided to live in the city again. I moved my business and life to Osaka. And it's my favorite D.I.Y time again- building the factory from scratch! Walls, kitchen and habanero stained glass! If you are ever in Osaka, please come and visit me.

I also decided to grow my habaneros in Saku City, Nagano pref with the help from my friend farmer. Now almost of my 2000 habaneros plants are grown organically in Nagano- a beautiful mountainous country with the least natural disasters.

I want to create the original hot sauce that will be loved by spicy lovers all over the world. And of course and all the time, using only the best ingredients.

No Spicy No Life!

Taku "Habanaero Man" Kondo

-Locations in Japan-

Born, raised and food truck in: Tokyo
The southern island where I lived a natural life and met the Habanero: Ishigaki island
The country where the habanero was expanded: Tamba
Where I am now: Osaka
Current main habanero field: Saku city

Ta-nm Farm LLC .
2F, 2-6-10 Miyakojimahondori Miyakojimaku Osaka 534-0021 Japan