Example of shipping costs

To the U.S.

[0.0 - 1.5kg US$20.00] About 5 bottles

[1.5 - 2.5kg US$22.22] About 8 bottles

[2.5 - 3.5kg US$23.70] About 12 bottles

[3.5 - 4.0kg US$25.92] About 14 bottles

[4.0 - 5.0kg US$28.88] About 18 bottles

[5.0 - 6.0kg US$33.33] About 22 bottles

[6.0 - 7.0kg US$36.29] About 26 bottles

[7.0 - 8.0kg US$37.77] About 30 bottles


To the Hong Kong.

[0.0 - 1.5kg HK$126.00] About 5 bottles

[1.5 - 2.5kg HK$150.00] About 8 bottles

[2.5 - 3.5kg HK$156.00] About 12 bottles

[3.5 - 4.0kg HK$168.00] About 14 bottles

[4.0 - 5.0kg HK$174.00] About 18 bottles

[5.0 - 6.0kg HK$180.00] About 22 bottles

[6.0 - 7.0kg HK$186.00] About 26 bottles

[7.0 - 8.0kg HK$192.00] About 30 bottles


3 days to 1 week from order to arrival.

From Osaka Japan by FedEx.


- Customer Feedback -

Taku, I’ve had some of your sauces before and they are incredible. My brother came to visit me the other day and we were talking about Hop in Heaven so I ordered some more plus a few others. Thank you for making such amazing hot sauces.


Hello Taku! I hope you are doing well. I'm such a big fan of your sauces. They are so delicious, and I love to share them with my friends. The Hop In Heaven sauce is my top favorite out of any sauce, anywhere!


Hello! Just wanted to say that I love your sauces and appreciate the care and dedication to your craft. My brother gifted me a few of your sauces last year and would like to now order more!


Taku, I received the box, just wanted to say i loved the presentation with the note on the box! Also tried the hot sauce and it was amazing! Will be getting more in the future! Thanks again!


Hello sir, I received the package today. Thank you for the prompt and fast shipping. I tried all three sauces. First alone on a spoon, then on white rice. I consider myself a hot sauce connoisseur, a chili- head as we are sometimes called. I have been eating hot foods for 35 years. I have to tell you these are three of the best sauces I have ever had in my life!


Taku, Thank you again for the awesome sauces. So far l've tried the Yuzu Heaven and the Green - both have been exceptional! Looking forward to trying the rest of the sauces you sent me. YUM!


Hi Taku - I hope that you and your family are doing well. I just wanted to share my appreciation for your work as I still have not found a better sauce than yours! While the Green is still our favorite, the Yuzu Heaven is amazing and tastes amazing both with curry and miso salmon. I wish you continued success and can't wait to see what amazing creation you come up with next. Thanks!


I like the Yuzu Heaven the most. The citrus fruit taste and then the taste of fresh habanero is amazing together. I must congratulate you for thinking of this combination, and then making it so masterfully. Many other makers of hot sauce use just the heat from the pepper, so you don't ever taste the actual pepper.


I can taste the habanero in your sauce. It tastes so fresh and hot. I love it. I plan to be a regular customer of yours from now on. These sauces are amazing. Thank you for being so passionate and making such high quality and good tasting hot sauces.



I greatly appreciate your feedback as a valued customer. Your response means a lot to me as a hot sauce artist, and I am thrilled to hear that you are satisfied with our product. It is my passion to create hot sauces that bring joy and flavor to your culinary experiences. Your support and continued patronage are sincerely appreciated. Thank you for being a part of my journey, and I look forward to serving you in the future.

Habanero Man in Osaka Japan🇯🇵


Of course, pesticide-free cultivation